Kärnten (Austria)

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300 km
Elevation Duration
~7000 mt ~24 hours
27 September 2024

The big, tough & dirty loop – for all massively mad riders who want to suffer. A 300 KM gravel journey heading into Slovenia & Italy over peaks & passes in the Carnic Alps, three alpine rivers, and four refreshing lakes along the route. Just make sure that you are lion-hearted, not stupid: it’s 300 KM & 7000 M Altitude!

So, it’s up to you:
1. fasten your seatbelt and start flying over gravel (not serious)
2. bring loads of mate tea along to keep you awake (probably not serious too)
3. plan your night’s rest in nature or find a fancier shelter (actually serious) Estimated average duration: 24 hours

150 km
Elevation Duration
~3000 mt ~9 hours
28 September 2024

Definitely long and brutal enough to be a crackpot on tough tires! Gravel roads, single trails, hollow ways up & down all around an iconic mountain. As a mustached or non-mustached Magnum rider, you will pass rivers, lakes & some stunning lost places in the Carinthian backland. Some parts are for speedy gliding over gravel, some for damning us and questioning yourself for participating! To sum it up: don’t underestimate 3000 m uphill on gravel.

75 km
Elevation Duration
--- mt 5.30 hours
28 September 2024

75 KM packed with pure Carinthian gravel variety. A wonderful and punishing path shredding along rivers, pedaling through woods, pushing up hills, crossing a mountain creek, and nothing but good vibrations on two wheels. Unless you are a mollycoddle you will have mind-blowing fun between your legs – otherwise, agony will kick in!


Jeroboam Kärnten

Earliest possible registration, gps tracker, starter bag & comfy beer briefing for the Jeroboam 300 KM, at 6 PM

All distances – Registration start & starter bag, from 2 PM
Craft Beer PREP IT DON’T SWEAT IT briefing for all riders of 75 KM & 150 KM, at 7 PM

Quick Espresso Briefing (for those who missed the afternoon briefing), at 7.15 AM
Official Start of JEROBOAM AUSTRIA 2024, at 8 AM
F*** ME IT’S OVER with slow food & good mood (& craft beer) All events take place at the JEROBOAM “Camp of Funhogs” – Seehotel Hubertushof, Europaplatz 1 – Velden am Wörthersee, at 6 PM

Jeroboam 300 Km will start Friday, 27. September 2024 – loose start from 6:00 am

Magnum 150 Km will start on Saturday, 28. September 2024 – start 8:00 am

Standard 75 Km will start on Saturday, 28. September 2024 – start 8:00 am

Jeroboam 300 Km Thursday 26th from 6 PM

All distances Friday 27th from 2 PM

Friday evening after the briefing – EAT PASTA, RIDE FASTA Slow Food for a special JEROBOAM price at Seehotel Hubertushof. We try to provide as much VEGETARIAN and even VEGA options as possible.

Saturday evening – SLOW FOOD & CRAFT BEER for all JEROBOAMER paired with a discrete dinner or pure escalation. For all 75 KM & 150 KM riders – we recommend some dried fruit, biscuits or organic muesli bars in your jersey pockets. But we will look after you at spots along the course with some of the best wild and cultivated foods that farms and local small-scale producers have to offer. Forget about bland gels and energy bars. For all those willing to take on the self-supported 300 KM – we’ll support you as well as possible, but you need to source the majority of your slow & fast calories by yourself.

There are some tent spots available on the property of Seehotel Hubertushof and many more in Velden and the surrounding area. For support contact us under

Seehotel Hubertushof / Europaplatz 1 / 9220 Velden am Wörthersee

There are many Parking spots in the town of Velden am Wörthersee

300 KM – 88 € / 150 KM – 75 € / 75 KM – 60 €
incl. all taxes, fees & gps tracking for 300 KM

300 KM – 98 € / 150 KM – 83 € / 75 KM – 67 €
incl. all taxes, fees & gps tracking for 300 KM

Each participant gets a starter bag with an organic JEROBOAM shirt, goodies and vouchers for two JEROBOAM refreshments & one JEROBOAM slow food dish

Write us under for a 3T test bike

Seehotel Hubertushof provides a 10% discount on accomodation for JEROBOAM participants

In any case, we recommend wide tyres (at very least 37 mm) with a rough tread – put on your wolf paws, it’s autumn in the woods! You should also bring enough clothing for cool, wet or really warm weather. If you want to plan your sources of fresh water along the route, there is an interesting Carinthian website by obviously specially motivated guys under
– Helmet
– Technical device for GPX track use with sufficient power capacity for the chosen route
– Suitable clothing according to the season
– Sufficient liquid and food for the start
– First aid kit
-Sufficient tools and spare materials in case of breakdowns such as multitool, spare tube, pick tool, pump, chain lock, brake pads, etc.
– Cell phone
– Identity card for crossing the borders
– Sufficiently strong lamp with enough power capacity for the 300 km route
– Power bank

Are there time limits for the challenges?
It’s a Challenge, not a race. The only goal is that everyone arrives on Saturday at 18:00 pm at Seehotel Hubertushof. But there are “opening hours” for the food supply stations on the tracks.

Can I just arrive to the start on Saturday?
You should register from 14:00 and join the briefing on Friday 19:00 pm. If your time plan absolutely doesn’t allow that, just write us and so you can have a short espresso briefing before the start.

At what time is the start for the 300 KM?
The start for the 300 KM riders is from Friday 6:00 am in the morning. Register and the join the briefing first on Thursday 18:00 pm. If you want to “enjoy” your ride in 3 stages and start on Thursday you can even do that after you get in contact with us under

At what time is the start for the 150 KM? The official start for the 150 KM and the 75 KM is on Saturday 8:00 am in the morning. Register from 14:00 pm and join the briefing first on Friday 19:00 pm. If you don’t want to rush, you can start earlier – many 150 KM riders departure at 6:00 am.

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