Italy Rimini

29-30 April - 1 May 2023



Approx 300 km – 8.000 D+ (TBC)

This route will pass through the most evocative gravel tracks of Valmarecchia and beyond. We will start from Rimini, the place that gave birth to the maestro of cinema Fellini, who made Italy famous all over the world as the country of La Dolce Vita. We will climb the very smooth gravel road that runs along the Marecchia River, heading towards the numerous and wonderful villages of Monte Tiffi, Perticara, Sant’Agata Feltria, Pereto, until we reach the Monte Fumaiolo forest and the Hermitage of S. Alberico. We will descend quickly to return to the high Valmarecchia, facing a couple of the most challenging gravel climbs of the route, until we reach the wonderful village of Gattara at the gates of Badia Tedalda, where you can admire the spectacular Presalino Waterfalls next to the main checkpoint. We will then head towards Tuscany, crossing the Alpe della Luna pass, Parchiule, and then towards Sestino, facing the Passo Spugna. At this point, Monte Carpegna with its mythical Cippo awaits you, San Marino, the ancient land of freedom, with the last ascent of the route, which now becomes a fast descent towards Mercatino Conca, where you will take the beautiful cycle path that will take you all the way to the sea, Cattolica, Riccione, and then back to Rimini.



Approx. 150 km – 4000 D+ (TBC)

By following the first part of the route with the 300, we arrive at the junction of Sant’Agata Feltria, where instead we enter the Botticcella forest, then descend into the center of Novafeltria, where we return to the gravel track that runs along the Marecchia River. The ascent towards San Leo begins, passing through the beautiful Sanctuary of San’Igne. Once we have passed the historic fortress of San Leo, we will venture into old villages in the Upper Valmarecchia and gradually approach the Ancient Land of Freedom, the Republic of San Marino, with its majestic three towers, and then descend into the other Romagna valley of Valconca, where a beautiful white road will guide us to the stunning view of the Adriatic Sea. From here, a gentle sea breeze will push us towards the Romagna Riviera, crossing beautiful tourist resorts such as Cattolica and Riccione, to bring us to the end of our journey in the hometown of maestro Fellini, the land of La Dolce Vita: Rimini.



Approx. 75 km – 1500 D+ (TBC)

We will start with history, or rather, we will pass over the historic Tiberius Bridge (1st century AD), and then immediately take the bike path along the Marecchia River. The Valmarecchia never fails to meet expectations, with breathtaking scenery, fortresses, and medieval villages such as San Leo and Verucchio. The typical Romagna hospitality will make you fall in love with this beautiful valley nestled between the Marche and Tuscany, capturing the best of both.


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Camping Area

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  • Gravel

    What does "gravel" exactly mean? Originally it was a road surface. Then it became a type of bike capable of much more than just riding on gravel.
    Now above all "gravel" is a way of cycling: discovering new places & people and the fun on the journey rather than just getting to the finish line fast.
    Jeroboam summarizes, in its four distances, all the possible approaches to the gravel world: from the most adventurous to the most "racy" (although not a race!)
    For this reason, remember we will give very precise indications on how to prepare your bike for each distance as soon as we will have the final routes.


    Romagna and Rimini with it has always been a central junction in our millennial history. A crossroads of merchants, peoples, and custodian of millenary stories to tell with its evocative monuments and landscapes, Rimini has been able to transform itself into the land par excellence of hospitality. It is not only our monuments that will capture your attention, nor the marvellous villages set in the hills of the Romagna hinterland, but also the culinary specialities that have always characterised our territory. It will not just be a sporting experience, but a true journey through the history and traditions of our territory.


    Cycling means burning a lot of calories and we are not convinced an energy bar or gel is the best way to refuel. Typical cuisine and fresh drinks are things that never fail in the villages of Jeroboam Dolomiti.

    The details about the village kitchen proposals will soon be available.

    Camping Area

    It is well known that there is no better cure for insomnia than a long ride. To sleep like a baby, but also to fully experience the atmosphere of the event, you can pitch your tent in the camping area, free for all participants.


    Piazza sull'Acqua, Rimini:

    Link to Google maps



    Jeroboam 300

    50 €


    Magnum 150

    40 €


    Standard 75

    30 €


    Demi 37.5

    20 €



    • Prices do not include management fees by ENDU
    • Registration for Jeroboam 300 includes the rental of a GPS tracker that will be delivered upon departure. A deposit of € TBD must be paid and will be returned upon return of the device.