Greece Messinia - Kalamata



A gravel ride, a real journey on the paths and forests that run through the hospitable Mount Taÿgetus with a significant cumulative gain, smooth and fully pedaled paths but also technical passes that will test your endurance. Through unexplored areas and among ancient trees this route of exclusive beauty will offer you a panoramic view over the Aegean sea most of the time.



It is really hard to avoid uphills and downhills in a mountain-like Taÿgetus, so prepare for excitement and fun during this 75 km ride as well. Leaving behind the beautiful city of Kalamata, you head off for adventure through breathtaking paths and forests!


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  • Spain Mallorca 17-19 March 2023
  • Costa Rica 31 March 2023
  • Italy Altopiano di Asiago
  • Malaysia
  • Rimini
  • Italy Franciacorta
  • Austria Kärnten
  • Czech Republic



    What does "gravel" exactly mean? Originally it was a road surface. Then it became a type of bike capable of much more than just riding on gravel. Now above all "gravel" is a way of cycling: discovering new places & people and the fun on the journey rather than just getting to the finish line fast. Jeroboam, in its various distances summarizes all the possible approaches to the gravel world: from the most adventurous to the most "racy" (although not a race!) For this reason, remember we will give very precise indications on how to prepare your bike for each distance as soon as we will have the final routes.


    Not just riding, but also spending time with friends, the family and other cycling enthusiasts. Jeroboam events always feature an Expo Area and a space to socialize with good music and good food, meet interesting people and share unique and exciting stories about dream journeys. A complete schedule of the events will soon be available on this website.


    Cycling means burning a lot of calories and we are not convinced that an energy bar or gel is the best way to refuel, at least not the most enjoyable one! Jeroboam offers an excellent opportunity to discover the traditional cuisine of Kalamata, based on the excellent local oil olive – among the most renown in the whole world - and homemade pasta products, as well as tasty fresh fruit, exquisite pasteli sweet snacks and undoubtedly…wine!


    It is well known that there is no better cure for a tired body to recover than laying for sleep under the stars. For those who choose to make their own tent outdoors, we will soon announce areas where they could pitch camp for free.


    The Expo Area and the pre-starting point of the Jeroboam routes will be set up in the heart of Messinia region, on the central square of Kalamata, one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, by the sea front and in the foot of Mount Taÿgetus. Participants will have a unique opportunity to enjoy a dream three-day holiday.



    08:00 Opening, reception, subscriptions and breakfast for all the riders

    08:50 English and Greek briefing for all the riders

    09:00 Pre-starting for Jeroboam 150 & 75 km

    09:30 - 21:30 Bike Festival at the Expo Area

    All day arrival 150 & 75 km riders


    Jeroboam Magnum 150

    _ Up to 10/08/2021: 25€

    _ Up to 30/08/2021: 30€

    _ Up to 15/09/2021: 38€

    Jeroboam Standard 75

    _ Up to 10/08/2021: 20€

    _ Up to 30/08/2021: 25€

    _ Up to 15/09/2021: 30€


    • Prices do not include management fees by ENDU
    • For athletes – members of  Greek Cycling Federation a reduction of 25% is offered for all three Jeroboam distances

    Art. 1 – Date and Place

    Jeroboam is a non-competitive cycling event organized by MBike Events & Digital in collaboration with 3T Cycling Srl and the Municipality of Kalamata.

    It will take place along with the Bike Festival on Saturday 25th September 2021 in Kalamata, Messinia, Greece.


    Art. 2 – Routes and Departures

    The Jeroboam Kalamata Gravel Challenge has three routes, all non-competitive: 150 km and 75 km. Each participant has the right to choose the path most suitable and the choice must be indicated at the time of registration. The route selection cannot be changed after signing up. Everyone must rely on the GPS track provided before the departure. The layouts and the GPS tracks of the routes can be consulted on the official website


    Art. 3 – Rules of Participation

    Participation is open to everyone:

    • Greeks must be in possession of a valid sport membership card for the current year issued by the Greek Cycling Federation - F.C.I.
    • Foreigners must possess a card valid for the current year issued by the Cycling Federation of their nation recognized by the International Cycling Union - U.C.I.
    • For those who do not have a valid membership card, an appropriate and valid medical certificate is required to participate in the Jeroboam 150 & 75 km
    • The participation in the event is allowed only to those who are eligible for the event and to those who paid the participation fee and delivered a valid Medical Certificate to the organization. During the event, cyclists who are not registered regularly can't participate, under penalty of expulsion.
    • Registrations of participants who have been disqualified from their federations or bodies for doping or any other title will not be accepted.


    The organization of Jeroboam can, at any time and at its sole discretion, without obligation of further motivation, decide whether or not to accept the registration of anyone.


    Art. 4 – Equipment

    Participants are required to present themselves at the start of the respective route with a Gravel or MTB bicycle and use the following equipment appropriately:

    • Lights with sufficient charge to last for at least 4 hours (for the 150km route);
    • Helmet;
    • GPS device with sufficient battery to cover the duration of the chosen route;
    • Suitable clothing (including waterproof jacket);
    • 2 litres (or more) of liquids;
    • First aid kit;
    • Repair kit for faults, punctures and spare parts (brake pads, oil, multitool, pump, dropouts, air chambers, CO2 canisters, false links of the bike chain);
    • Cellphone


    Art. 5 - Safety and respect of the highway code

    It is mandatory for all participants to respect the Highway Code.


    Art.6 – Payment Methods

    The registrations can be purchased directly on-line on the web portal with the possibility of payment via PayPal, in cash on the day of the event or with bank transfer to the account of MBike Events & Digital:



    Art.7 – Substitutions or Waivers

    Substitutions of enrolments or postponement of registrations to the following year are not allowed. If a member is unable to participate in the event, he/she will not be entitled to a refund of the participation fee. The management reserves, however, the right to evaluate, at its own discretion, any case of "impossibility to participate".


    Art.8 – Maximum Hours, Assistance

    There is a maximum time to complete the routes:

    _ 15 hours for Jeroboam 150 km

    _ 7 hours for Jeroboam 75 km


    No health care is provided, except for a doctor S.O.S. for emergencies. There is no mechanical assistance. Assistance from private vehicles is not allowed following the event.


    Art.9 – Stamps & Control points

    The list of control points (for the validation stamps) will be published on the website of the event. The control stamps are the only proof of the taken route. They will be put on the Road Book at the start, along the route and upon the arrival.


    Art.10 – Complaints

    Any complaints must be sent to the organization only by e-mail at: within fifteen days following the publication of the lists of the arrivals.


    Art.11 – Information

    MBike events & digital
    45, Psychari street,
    11141 Athens



    Art.12 – Cancellation of the Event

    If, due to force majeure, the event does not take place, the amount paid at the time of the registration will not be refunded.


    Art.13 – Variations

    The organization reserves the right to make changes to the regulations at any time. The website is the only place where official information of the event is given. Therefore all official communications will be made known only through it.


    Art.14 – Approval, Consent, Authorization

    By asking to participate in Jeroboam Kalamata Gravel Challenge in any of the ways provided by this regulation, each participant from the time of the registration:

    _ Declares to have read and approved the present Regulation and to accept all their parts;

    _ Must not use or be influenced by alcohol, drugs or narcotic substances during the event;

    _ Declares to be in good physical condition and to have delivered to the organization a valid medical certificate after having undergone a medical examination for competitive or non-competitive cycling practice, providing the organization the indemnity for any damage that he/she might suffer as a result of his/hers participation in the event;

    _ The organization declines all responsibility for itself and its collaborators, for accidents or damage to persons or property, which may occur before, during and after the event or as a result of the same. It also reserves the right to exclude cyclists from the event who will behave incorrectly

    _ Expresses consent to the use of your data, also for commercial purposes, including but not only the publication of the name in relation to the results of the event on the website, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and of the articles 12, 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 679/2016

    _ Confirm that have read the Organiser's Privacy Policy carefully. Participation in the Event involves the processing of participants' personal data for the purposes and in the manner described in the Organiser's Privacy Policy. The data controller is the Organiser.

    _ It grants the organizers the widest consent to use, in the ways permitted by law, even for profit, of every video or photographic image taken during the days of the event, providing the organization with the right to transfer these images to third parties;

    _ Acknowledges and accepts that, in order to register and participate in the Event it is necessary to authorize the recording and use of one's own image in the manner and for the purposes indicated in this Regulation, as well as in the Disclaimer and in the Privacy Policy, in consideration of the public nature of the Event, of the object of the services of dissemination and commercialization of the video-photo shooting of the Event as well as the impossibility to selectively limit the video-photographic recordings. The modalities of conducting the Event foresee the shooting of videos and photos in order to document the event; among the services connected to the registration for the Event, the Organizer also offers all participants the possibility to purchase the photos and videos of the Event in which their image is present.

    The aforementioned authorization for the use of one's own image must be intended for an indefinite period and without territorial limits all over the world, for use in various publications and films, including, but not limited to, promotional materials and / or advertising on all media. The organization may also transfer to third parties and its institutional and commercial partners the rights of use provided for in this agreement.