Wörthersee (Austria)

26-28 Sep 2024

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300 km
Elevation Duration
~7000 mt 18–32 (~24) hours
27 September 2024

The big, tough & dirty loop – for all massively mad riders who want to suffer. A 300 KM gravel journey heading into Slovenia & Italy over peaks & passes in the Carnic Alps, three alpine rivers, and four refreshing lakes along the route. Just make sure that you are lion-hearted, not stupid: it’s 300 KM & 7000 M Altitude!

So, it’s up to you:
1. fasten your seatbelt and start flying over gravel (not serious)
2. bring loads of mate tea along to keep you awake (probably not serious too)
3. plan your night’s rest in nature or find a fancier shelter (actually serious)

150 km
Elevation Duration
~3000 mt 7–14 hours
28 September 2024

Definitely long and brutal enough to be a crackpot on tough tires! Gravel roads, single trails, hollow ways up & down all around an iconic mountain. As a mustached or non-mustached Magnum rider, you will pass rivers, lakes & some stunning lost places in the Carinthian backland. Some parts are for speedy gliding over gravel, some for damning us and questioning yourself for participating! To sum it up: don’t underestimate 3000 m uphill on gravel.

75 km
Elevation Duration
~1500 mt ~5:30 hours
28 September 2024

75 KM packed with pure Carinthian gravel variety. A wonderful and punishing path shredding along rivers, pedaling through woods, pushing up hills, crossing a mountain creek, and nothing but good vibrations on two wheels. Unless you are a mollycoddle you will have mind-blowing fun between your legs – otherwise, agony will kick in!


Jeroboam Wörthersee

18:00 / 6 PM – For all 300 KM riders // briefing, registration, starter bag, gps tracker for the 300 KM

From 14:00 / 2 PM – All distances // Registration & starter bag
19:00 / 7 PM – “PREP IT DON’T SWEAT IT” briefing for all riders of 75 KM & 150 KM

7:15 AM – Quick Espresso Briefing (for those who missed the afternoon briefing)
8:00 AMOfficial Start of JEROBOAM AUSTRIA 2024 at Seehotel Hubertushof
18:00 / 6 PM – F*** ME IT’S OVER with slow food & good mood (& craft beer) & Fun Awards

Jeroboam 300 Km will start Friday, 27. September 2024 – loose start from 6:00 am
Magnum 150 Km will start on Saturday, 28. September 2024 – start 8:00 am
Standard 75 Km will start on Saturday, 28. September 2024 – start 8:00 am

Jeroboam 300 Km – Thursday 26th from 18:00/6 PM
Other distances – Friday 27th from 14:00/2 PM

Friday evening after the briefing – EAT PASTA, RIDE FASTA Slow Food for a special Jeroboam price at Seehotel Hubertushof. We try to provide as much vegetarian and even vegan options as possible.

Saturday evening – SLOW FOOD & CRAFT BEER for all “Jeroboamers” paired with a discrete dinner or pure escalation.

For all 75 KM & 150 KM riders – we recommend some dried fruit, biscuits or organic muesli bars in your jersey pockets. But we will look after you at spots along the course with some of the best wild and cultivated foods that farms and local small-scale producers have to offer. Forget about bland gels and energy bars. For all those willing to take on the self-supported 300 KM – we’ll support you as well as possible, but you need to source the majority of your slow & fast calories by yourself.

All events take place at the JEROBOAM “Camp of Funhogs” – Seehotel Hubertushof, Europaplatz 1 // Velden am Wörthersee

We love to be easy on mother earth and don’t advocate motorized tourism. Life is simple if waste and impact are kept low. That’s why we try our best to organize Jeroboam Austria under the aspects of “reduce, reuse, recycle” and try to make smart and simple choices like certified organic shirts and food & produces from local & organic farms. We reduce single-use tableware wherever we can.

The “Camp of Funhogs” Seehotel Hubertushof is a hotel that is 30% certified organic by BIO AUSTRIA.

Eco Travel
We also recommend that you take the opportunity to travel directly to Jeroboam Austria by train. We are located one minute by bike from Velden am Wörthersee train station.

Social Responsibility
At the end of the year, we donate as an association to several social projects and institutions – so that we not only remind ourselves that owning 4 bikes+ is not necessarily normal, but also that one of the most beautiful hobbies in the world should only be a hobby.

There are some tent spots available on the property of Seehotel Hubertushof and many more in Velden and the surrounding area. For support contact us under

Seehotel Hubertushof // Europaplatz 1 / 9220 Velden am Wörthersee / Austria

There are many parking spots in the town of Velden am Wörthersee

300 KM – 88 € / 150 KM – 75 € / 75 KM – 60 €
incl. all taxes, fees & gps tracking for 300 KM

300 KM – 98 € / 150 KM – 83 € / 75 KM – 67 €
incl. all taxes, fees & gps tracking for 300 KM

Each participant gets a starter bag with an organic JEROBOAM shirt, goodies and vouchers for two JEROBOAM refreshments & one JEROBOAM slow food dish

Write us under for a 3T test bike

The “Camp of Funhogs” is located at Seehotel Hubertushof. The hotel provides a 10% discount on accomodation for Jeroboam participants.
There are several other accommodations in different price ranges and categories in the village and the region.

In any case, we recommend wide tyres (at very least 37 mm) with a rough tread – put on your wolf paws, it’s autumn in the woods! You should also bring enough clothing for cool, wet or really warm weather. If you want to plan your sources of fresh water along the route, there is an interesting Carinthian website by obviously specially motivated guys under

  • Helmet
  • Technical device for GPX track use with sufficient power capacity for the chosen route
  • Suitable clothing according to the season
  • Sufficient liquid and food for the start
  • First aid kit
  • Sufficient tools and spare materials in case of breakdowns such as multitool, spare tube, pick tool, pump, chain lock, brake pads, etc.
  • Cell phone
  • Identity card for crossing the borders
  • Sufficiently strong lamp with enough power capacity for the 300 km route
  • Power bank

Are there time limits for the challenges?
It’s a Challenge, not a race. The only goal is that everyone arrives on Saturday at 18:00 pm at Seehotel Hubertushof. But there are “opening hours” for the food supply stations on the tracks.

Can I just arrive to the start on Saturday?
You should register from 14:00 and join the briefing on Friday 19:00 pm. If your time plan absolutely doesn’t allow that, just write us and so you can have a short espresso briefing before the start.

At what time is the start for the 300 KM?
The start for the 300 KM riders is from Friday 6:00 am in the morning. Register and the join the briefing first on Thursday 18:00 pm. If you want to “enjoy” your ride in 3 stages and start on Thursday you can even do that after you get in contact with us under

At what time is the start for the 150 KM?
The official start for the 150 KM and the 75 KM is on Saturday 8:00 am in the morning. Register from 14:00 pm and join the briefing first on Friday 19:00 pm. If you don’t want to rush, you can start earlier – many 150 KM riders departure at 6:00 am.

JEROBOAM is not a cycling race, but a cycling-touristic event, which takes place without racing character in normal road traffic according to STVO 1960.

Participation in JEROBOAM is at the own risk of all participants. The organizer and the road authorities do not guarantee, among other things, a suitable condition of the road and are not liable for damages and accidents that should happen to participants of JEROBOAM due to the condition of the traveled route and the traffic on it! All participants have to insure themselves with a licensed insurance company for any liability cases that may arise!

Organizer, date & place
JEROBOAM is organized by THE KYMOTO Collective in Cooperation in cooperation with selected partners in Carinthia, Austria. The route is located in Austria, with the 300 km variant located in Austria, Slovenia and Italy. Depending on the relevant COVID-19 legal requirements at the time of the event, the association reserves the right to conduct the routing on Austrian soil throughout. JEROBOAM Austria will take place from Friday 27. September to Saturday 28. October.

JEROBOAM Austria offers three route variants: 300 km, 150 km and 75 km. Each participant has the right to freely choose a route, which must be indicated at the time of registration. The route choice cannot be changed after registration. Before the event, all participants will be provided with a GPX file for the respective route choice. The information about the length and the altitude of each route can be found on the official homepage

Conditions of participation
On the part of the organizer no daily insurance is offered with the registration. It is therefore the responsibility of each individual cyclist to carry out the appropriate medical checks of their sporting fitness and to take out personal insurance against damage to themselves and third parties.

Participation in the event is allowed only to those who are eligible for the event, who have paid the participation fee and have independently selected the appropriate distance for physical fitness. In case of an accident, the participants will be held responsible for the damage caused.

The organizer may decide at any time and at his own discretion, without any obligation to give further reasons, whether or not to accept someone’s registration.

Participants are obliged to equip themselves properly on their own responsibility before the start of the event. See details at the Category “Equipment” above.

Safety & road regulations
The road is not closed to traffic & other people along the entire routes and all participants, without exception, must comply with the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations 1960. In particular, other traffic must not be endangered and impeded as little as possible and only the right lane may be used without exception. In addition, special attention is drawn to the prohibition of cutting corners, the right-hand driving regulations, the priority rules as well as traffic light regulations and behavior at traffic circles. All participants must allow pedestrians to cross the road unhindered at all crosswalks according to STVO 1960.

Payment methods
The purchase of registration or tickets to participate in JEROBOAM Austria takes place exclusively via a booking system on and can be made by credit card payment or instant bank transfer.

If a participant cannot attend the event, he/she is not entitled to a refund of the participation fee. However, the organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to evaluate each case individually. Postponement of participation to the following year is not allowed.

Maximum time for support
There is a maximum time to complete the courses, which you can ask for under No medical assistance or cab transportation will be provided by the organizer.

Food, Drinks & Accommodations
The JEROBOAM Austria event is a self-supported bike event. Each participant is fully responsible for their own catering with sufficient water and food along the route. The existing refreshment points or recommendations along the route are provided solely as an additional supplement and without guarantee that each participant will be able to take advantage of them. In addition, every participant who needs a place to sleep has to organize this on his own responsibility. The overnight accommodations suggested by the organizer are only recommendations.

All complaints must be sent by e-mail to the organizer within fifteen days after the publication of the arrival list.

For further information, the organizer can be reached at the e-mail address

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time. The website is the only place where official information about the event can be found. Therefore, all official communications will be made known only through it. In light of new environmental and/or health circumstances and/or changes in the regulatory framework, the organizer reserves the right to make the appropriate changes to the regulations at any time as a result. The official website of the event, where these regulations are published, is the only reference for information about the event. Therefore, it is not possible to refer to any other content that was present in previous communications via newsletters, in the press or in social media.

Cancellation of the event
If the event does not take place due to force majeure, the amount paid at the time of registration will not be refunded.

Approval, Consent & Authorization
By officially registering to participate in JEROBOAM AUSTRIA, applies to each participant from the moment of registration:

  • The participant declares to have read and understood the present regulation and to accept all its parts.
  • The participant may not consume or be influenced by alcohol, drugs or narcotics during the event.
  • The participant declares to be in correspondingly good physical condition for the chosen respective route length. By registering the participant, he/she releases the organizer from responsibility for any damage that the participant may suffer as a result of participating in the event.
  • The organizer disclaims any responsibility for himself and all employees for any accident or damage to persons or property that may occur before, during and after the event or as a consequence thereof. It also reserves the right to exclude from the event cyclists who misbehave before, during and after the event.
  • The participant agrees to the use of his data also for commercial purposes, including but not limited to the publication of the name in relation to the results of the event on the website in accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and articles 12, 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 679/2016.
  • The participant confirms that he/she has carefully read the privacy policy of JEROBOAM. Participation in the Event involves the processing of the Participant’s personal data for the purposes and in the manner described in the Organizer’s Privacy Policy. The data controller is the organizer.
  • The participant gives the organizer the consent to use any video or photo taken during the days of the event in the manner permitted by law, including for profit, and gives the organizer the right to transfer these images to third parties.
  • The Participant acknowledges and accepts that in order to register and participate in the Event, it is necessary to authorize the taking and use of one’s own image in the manner and for the purposes indicated in this Regulation, as well as in the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy, taking into account the public nature of the Event, the object of the services of dissemination and commercialization of the video-photo shooting of the Event, as well as the impossibility of selectively restricting the video-photographic shooting. The modalities of holding the event provide for the filming of videos and photography to document the event. Among the services associated with registration for the event, the organizer also offers all participants the opportunity to purchase the photos and videos of the event, in which there is a picture of a participant.
  • The aforementioned permission to use one’s image must be indefinitely and without territorial limits throughout the world for use in various publications and films, including but not limited to promotional materials and/or advertising on any media. The Organizer may also transfer the rights of use provided for in this Agreement to third parties and their institutional and commercial partners.

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