Franciacorta (Italy)

18-20 Oct 2024

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300 km
Elevation Duration
~7000 mt ~20-40 hours
19 October 2024

More than a gravel route, a real journey – the Jeroboam 300 will take you along the paths of Franciacorta, crossing the unspoiled nature of the mountains and valleys of the Lombard Prealps all the way to the shores of Lake Garda. 300 km in contact with nature. In the last years, the fastest finisher took about 20 hours, while the most needed almost 40 and stopped for the night at the CP. Do not underestimate this route!

150 km
Elevation Duration
~3000 mt ~9-16 hours
19 October 2024

Do you think 75 km is too little, but the legendary Jeroboam 300 instills fear in you? The answer to your adventure craving is called Magnum 150, completely revamped with a faster track, designed to provide an authentic experience without betraying our vision. With an elevation gain of approximately 3000 meters, the route will take you through the gentle hills of Franciacorta, up to Lake Garda, then across the rugged Valleys of Sabbia and Trompia, returning to Erbusco with a stunning sunset descent over Lake Iseo. However, the true guarantee of this adventure lies in the breathtaking panoramas and epic moments that you will have the opportunity to experience on this trail to be covered in a single day.

75 km
Elevation Duration
~850 mt ~6-10 hours
19 October 2024

Like the Jeroboam 300, a journey of discovery, but shorter, through the vineyards of Franciacorta. Amidst a landscape with little-known roads, to rediscover the pleasure of exploring by bicycle, 75 km, a distance that allows you to find your own space.

37,5 km
Elevation Duration
~500 mt ~3-5 hours
19 October 2024

Through the famous wineries of Franciacorta, amidst its breathtaking landscapes and colors. The 37.5 Wine Ride will take you through the renowned vineyards of Franciacorta, discovering the most famous wineries and its famous ‘bubbles’.


Jeroboam Franciacorta

18:00 – Opening of the village and registration desk for race packet pick-up and new registrations
19:30 – Free pasta party for participants (possibility of dinner for accompanying persons as well)
23:00 – Closure of the registration desk

06:00 – Opening of the village and registration desk for race packet pick-up and new registrations
06:30 – Breakfast for all participants
07:00 – Pre-departure briefing for J300 and J150
07:30 – Start of J300 and J150 races
09:00 – Start of J75 race on Saturday
10:30 – Start of J37.5 race on Saturday
18:30 – Opening of the kitchen (until 22:30)

09:00 – Start of J75 race on Sunday
10:30 – Start of J37.5 race on Sunday All day long – arrival of all participants
11:00 – Opening of the kitchen
18:00 – Closure of the village

Jeroboam 300 Km will start Saturday, 19th october 2024 – from 7:30 am

Magnum 150 Km will start Saturday, 19th october 2024 – from 7:30 am

Standard 75 Km will start Saturday, 19th october 2024 – from 9:00 am / Sunday, 20th october 2024 – from 9:00 am

Demi 37,5 Km will start Sunday, 20th october 2024 – from 10:30 am

Friday October 18th from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Consuming a lot of calories, we’re not convinced that an energy bar or gel is the best way to replenish. Good food and fresh drinks are things that are never lacking in Jeroboam Franciacorta villages. Details of the village cuisine offerings will soon be available.

It is well known that there is no better cure for insomnia than a long bike ride. To sleep like a baby, but also to fully experience the atmosphere of the event, you can take advantage of the free camping area for all participants.

The village will be set up on Via Verdi in Erbusco, in front of the Town Hall. A list of the services and exhibitors present, as well as a map of the village, will be available soon.

Registration fee for Jeroboam 300
Licensed cyclists (UCI-team member) until 13/10/2023: € 100
Unlicensed cyclists (Non UCI-team member) until 12/10/2023: € 110

Registration fee for Magnum 150
Licensed cyclists (UCI-team member) until 12/10/2023: € 70
Unlicensed cyclists (Non UCI-team member) until 12/10/2023: € 80

Registration fee for Standard 75
Licensed cyclists (UCI-team member) until 12/10/2023: € 40
Unlicensed cyclists (Non UCI-team member) until 12/10/2023: € 50

Registration fee for Demi 37.5
Until 12/10/2023: € 10

Prices do not include ENDU handling fees Registration for Jeroboam 300 includes the rental of a GPS tracker, which will be delivered at the start. A deposit of €50 must be paid and will be returned upon return of the device.

Seehotel Hubertushof provides a 10% discount on accomodation for JEROBOAM participants.

3T bike rental through the Reverb Hub .

Participants are required to present themselves at the start of their respective route and use the following equipment appropriately:

– Lights with sufficient charge to last at least 6 hours (for the 300km route);
– Helmet; – GPS device with a battery sufficient to cover the chosen route’s duration;
– Suitable clothing (including a waterproof jacket);
– 1.5 liters (or more) of liquids;
– First aid kit;
– Kit for repairing breakdowns, punctures, and spare parts (brake pads, oil, multitool, pump, tire levers, inner tubes, CO2 cartridges, chain quick links);
– Mobile phone.

The 37.5 km ride is an eco-friendly ride (maximum controlled speed of 25 km/h, stops every 25 km), so it will be the responsibility of individual cyclists to undergo the necessary medical checks for sports fitness and take out personal insurance against damage to themselves and others. As a precaution, a non-competitive medical certificate will still be required; the recreational motor certificate is not accepted because, above 20 km in length, the regulator does not recognize it as a valid certificate.

General Info and Inquiries:

Is it a competitive race?
No, it is a non-competitive event organized in collaboration with 3T Cycling and associated partners. However, symbolic prizes will be given to the winners in each category.

Can a mountain bike be used?
Yes, it is also open to mountain bikes.

Can GPS be used via cell phones?
Yes, as long as the battery life is guaranteed for the entire route.

Can two water bottles be used?
Yes, while keeping in mind that a minimum of 1.5 liters of fluids is required.

Is the 75km start on two days?
There will be two starts, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. The route is completed during the course of one day and will be the same for both days.

Is the 37.5 km start on two days?
The same applies as for the 75km.

When will the track be communicated? Can it be downloaded?
The maps and GPS tracks of the routes can be consulted on the official website and will be provided before the start, also through printed “roadbooks” delivered at the village.

What certificate is needed?
For participation, a suitable and valid medical certificate is required. For Italian residents: for the 300km and 150km routes, a certificate of eligibility for competitive cycling is required; for the 75km and 37.5km routes, a non-competitive certificate is required. For non-Italian residents, a medical certificate is required according to the model found at the following link:

Is it necessary to be a member of a sports club?
For Italian participants, it is necessary to have a sports membership for the current year issued by the Italian Cycling Federation (F.C.I.) or affiliated with the Italian Cycling Federation for the current year. For participants of other nationalities, it is necessary to have a valid membership card for the current year issued by the cycling federation of their country recognized by the International Cycling Union (U.C.I.). Those who do not have a valid sports membership must activate the “CSI membership card” (costing €10) which includes insurance coverage.

Does the €10 sports club membership card also cover the medical examination?
No, the €10 membership fee includes insurance coverage but does not cover the medical certification required for participation in the event.

Does a track and field permit count?
No, a suitable medical certificate (for competitive or non-competitive cycling) is required depending on the length and type of route for which one is registered.

Can you register on-site?
No, registrations are only available online within the deadlines indicated on the registration page for the relevant Jeroboam. Requests for on-site registration during the event day will not be considered.

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