Jeroboam300 kmchallenge

the jeroboam 300 is the ultimate gravel challenge. it is long, the gravel and dirt tracks are tough, the climbing is relentless as we push towards the alpine slopes.

It starts out in Franciacorta vineyards, with its undulating hills and beautiful gravel. As it heads north, it slowly moves into the rougher and tougher mountains. The gravel and dirt tracks get narrower and rockier, and even if some parts may be un-ridable the stunning nature and the sense of accomplishments will be enough as a payoff. When it heads west it circumnavigates the beautiful Lago d’Iseo, providing stunning vistas for those who are still able to enjoy such things. Coming down on the other side of the lake, things won’t get any easier (in fact, this side features the steeper slopes) but the sounds of the finish line party will guide you home.

We know there won’t be too many finishers, but if you think you can be one of them, this is a unique chance to be one of a very select few riders who can say they conquered the first ever Jeroboam 300.

The Jeroboam is not a race, it’s an endurance challenge. Most of the roads are very quiet, but they are shared so everybody must ride responsibly. There are aid stations along the way for food, drinks and technical support, but you should be self-sufficient. If you are stranded with anything short of a medical emergency, you are on your own until you reach an aid station.

The Jeroboam 300 starts at 4pm so lights are mandatory since you will ride in the night, and be sure to have enough battery power as you may need it for the finish too. Race cut-off is 24 hours, with gates along the way at the various aid stations, all based on a 15 KPH average speed. And don’t worry if you barely make the cut-off, we’ll be waiting for you with some nice food and wine to celebrate!

We also invite your friends and family to join us, and anybody who does not wish to ride will find plenty of things to do at the start/finish line and in the immediate surroundings. You can also make a long weekend out of by adding some relax time along Lago d’Iseo or in Verona and Bergamo.

Nutrition station/checkpoint:

  • Bossico after about 90km
  • Croce domini after about 160km ( workshop available )
  • Lodrino after about 230km

At the nutrition stations you will find rice salad, fruits, cakes, sandwiches and water.


  • Boario Terme ( look for a B&B )

On Saturday 20th of May at 3.00 pm there will be a technical meeting for all the Jeroboam 300km and Magnum 150km enrolled: the organization staff will follow-up on route map and will answer to doubts and questions.

required equipment

  • Lights sufficient to ride in the dark (Jeroboam 300) for 6 hours
  • GPS device with sufficient battery life (or additional batteries) for the duration of your ride
  • Waterproof jacket (weather can change quickly in the mountains)
  • Additional clothing as appropriate ( summer gear, muff, leggings, gloves, wind-stopper gilet and waterproof windbreaker, glasses, helmet and hydro backpack (2/3 L) )
  • Food as appropriate ( energy bars, mineral salts (powder or bar), carbohydrates (powder), dried fruit and fruit )
  • 1.5 liters or more of fluids (this may be carried in one Magnum or Jeroboam bottle, but Standard water bottles are also allowed. No glass bottles please)
  • Bike appropriate for tough gravel riding. 35mm or wider gravel tires are a definite advantage, for the Jeroboam 300 and Magnum 150 we recommend 40+ mm GravelPlus tires but large cross tires can work too.
  • Spare parts as appropriate (derailleur hangers, brake pads, inner tubes, CO2 cartridges, full-size pump, multitool, chain links, lubrication , lights (red rear light and white front light), adhesive strip, strips, heating blanket for emergency, lighter, fast, reparation kit (wheels and gearshift) )
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Cell phone , charger and an extra battery for computer and smartphone

Because this is the first year for the Jeroboam,
we will limit the number of participants. Below is the registration form:

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